Will Vancouver Interest Rates Finally Go Up In 2015?

It seems like economists have been forecasting imminent interest rate hikes now for the last several years, but they just haven’t seemed to materialize. With the quantitative easing wrapping up in the US this month, this may finally pave the road to gradual interest rate hikes in the US and Canada. The question is once these come into effect, what does this mean for house prices in Vancouver. Vancouver house prices have benefited from low interest rates for quite some time now and it will be interesting to see if demand will be impacted by gradual and moderate interest rate hikes. Perhaps house prices in Vancouver will not be phased by any such hikes, only time will tell, but it should be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Vancouver was recently voted one of the most desirable places to live in the world and demand has surely back this up. Will one of the strongest real estate markets of all time be able to withstand these changes as interest rates may possibly start to show a little sense of normalcy? Only time will tell…

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